Proudly shaping the Canberra we love

Our Place

Proudly shaping the Canberra we love

  • Canberra isn’t just where we work and grow. It’s our home. That’s why we have way more invested in the future of our beautiful Capital than just seeking financial gain. We want to grow and see it develop to its full potential and to leave a lasting legacy for our families.

    Here are some of our recent developments that is growing Canberra into a world-class city.

    Like our city, this space is continuously growing. Visit us regularly as we reveal more of our places. This is just the beginning.

  • Companies don’t build houses or businesses. People do. It’s these people, with their amazing vision, hopes, dreams and aspiration that are behind every building out there that makes Canberra, Canberra.

    Here are some of their stories.

    This is just the beginning of our journey. There are many inspiring stories waiting to be told. Visit us regularly to discover the people behind Our Place.

  • Our Place celebrates the stories of the developers, builders, architects, planners, engineers, local businesses and those who inhabit the spaces and places we call “ours”. Over the past 10 years, our city has blossomed into a vibrant place to live, work and visit and we’re proud of the role we’ve played in shaping the growth of our city.

    The building and property industry helps to give people access to housing that’s affordable and cities with good infrastructure, jobs and services that make it more liveable. Our industry creates jobs for almost 20,000 people in the ACT, making it the biggest employment industry after government and health. In fact, the wages of 1 out of 7 Canberrans rely on our sector. In 2015-16, the property industry has directly contributed $3.2 billion to the ACT’s GTP and $900.9 million to ACT Government tax revenues, which means we’re paying 57.75% of our Territory’s taxes.

    We’re proud of the impact we’re making for our city, and our journey has just started. After all, Canberra is more than just the place where we live, work, dream and create… It’s the very reason why we do it.